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Bronze Screen

Bronze & Copper Screens

Bronze is metal screening that provides strength and durability. Made of 90% copper and 10% zinc, bronze weathers to a beautiful, dark finish.

Phifer Bronze Screen is not only an effective way to control pests but can also revive the elegant charm of past years. Resistant to salty air, Phifer Bronze Screen does not oxidize like aluminum screening, making it ideal for coastal as well as inland regions. In its original state, Phifer Bronze Screen is a bright copper color but weathers to a beautiful dark bronze finish. Phifer Bronze Screen will coordinate with copper architectural accents such as roofing, dormers, gutters and is excellent for use in screen doors, windows and porches. Made of 90% copper, this metal screen provides strength and durability.

Screening Colors


Larguras padrão 24" to 72" (60.7 cm to 182.9 cm)
Comprimento de rolo padrão 25' to 100' (7,62 m to 30,48 m)
Packaging Individually boxed